Kinross Road Structure Plan released….

Today we approved the final plan for the Kinross Road area. Many aspects of this plan I do not agree with but given the constraints imposed by previous decisions and the State Gov. I believe we achieved the best possible outcome. I do not agree with the State Government having such power of planning decisions that affect local communities as many of their decisions are based on which current party policy, who is funding campaigns, who pressures who etc. Locals governments know their community and it is that community and their representatives who should make these decisions. Councillor for the area Debra Henry has summed it all up nicely in her letter to the residents so I have posted this for your information. Regards Wendy

Dear Residents Where do I begin to sum up a planning exercise that resulted in the 20cm high stack of paper I had in front of me this morning? The Kinross Road Structure Plan process has been extraordinarily long, involving the Departments of Local Government & Planning (DLGP); Environment & Resource Management (DERM); and Transport & Main Roads (DTMR). Add to this premature, out-of-sequence development applications that had Council in and out of court, residents who wanted to maximise development opportunities and those who purchased and live in the area because of its existing characteristics. This equates to considerable time, costs, confusion, and concerns. The ‘blueprint’ for Kinross Road was the State Government’s South-East Queensland Regional Plan and the Council’s Redland Planning Scheme, both passed during the term of the previous Council, which classified the area as a ‘Major Development Area’. Although planning partners in the process, the State Government retained the ultimate decision role. This created a real dilemma for Council, and interference by some State Government officers in matters that are not of “state interest” will continue to be questioned. Some components of the plan, dictated to Council by the State Government, are unacceptable. Yet to refuse the plan would have had a worse outcome with the State Government taking over the plan entirely, perhaps reinserting aspects we’d negotiated out, and burdening Council ratepayers with the bill for doing so. Unfortunately one of the stated intents – affordable housing – will not be delivered. And it’s optimistic to think it will deliver enhanced survival opportunities for koalas, despite a “Koala Conservation Plan” being incorporated. But, there are elements that were hard fought and won. Some residents anxiously waiting to see if the final plan meant resumption of their homes for road infrastructure, or the construction of a bridge, can now breathe easy with the Boundary-Kinross Road alignment being moved eastward; and State Government proposals for access onto Panorama Drive via the Wellington Ponds or the Goddard (Road) Reserve, which has significant habitat and amenity value, being abandoned. By close of business today, a full report will be available on and a Media Release will be found on No doubt there’ll be more questions and remaining concerns; and I’ll make every effort to keep you informed and to clarify issues. Thank you for your interest and your patience during this protracted process. I trust you appreciate that Council has delivered the best plan possible, considering the constraints on decision-making; and, that through ongoing negotiations we have gained a better outcome. Kind Regards Cr Debra Henry Councillor Division 3 Cleveland South – Thornlands Redland City Council<> 07 3829 8618 or 0439 914 631