Car Park Spaces in Redlands

Car park spaces for developments in Redlands.

A Car Park Review has been independently carried out for inclusion in the new City Plan.   

With the current  infill occurring throughout the City and especially in the northern suburbs each week residents raise their concerns to me  about the lack of sufficient car park spaces per development.

Once where there was one house on an allotment there are can now  be multiple dwellings.  On street parking is now at a premium and the existing residents have this negative impact on their lifestyle.  Many quiet suburban streets are changed into car parks causing safety issues plus unsightly street scapes.

Parking is set out in the current Redlands Planning Scheme as per the above link.

The various types of dwelling and establishments are set out with their requirements eg.  Multiple dwelling 1.5 car park spaces per unit with 0.5 visitor spaces per unit.

The inadequacy of spaces has been the topic of many councillor discussions and something we all hoped would be addressed in the new planning scheme, hence the Review.    An independent consultant, PSA Consulting Australia, carried out the Review of Car Parking Rates for Council to be included in the new City Plan.

Page 42 of the Review is their suggested Rates to be included in the new City Plan 2015.  Until this new Plan is on public display what is included cannot be discussed.

Once City Plan is released I will discuss further so will only cut and paste to here for now.  Officers asked councillors for any particular areas that they have concerns with to advise them.  With these areas the officers will do an on ground trothing of the rates to see f adequate etc.  I gave them an area and am waiting for the results of this investigation.

The Car Parking Review is interesting though is you want to have a read eg techniques for calculating car park demand etc.  I said “interesting” not that I agreed with all that was written in this report.