Raby Bay Community Meeting Nov 15

Raby Bay community ask questions on draft City PlanNov 15 Raby Bay meeting 2

Later than usual night from the Raby Bay meeting as the discussions and questions flowed concerning the draft City Plan.  Redland City Council Planners and officers attended as well as Daniel from CARDNO who completed the coastal mapping.           Nov 15 Raby Bay meeting                

Residents have concerns regarding coastal overlays with the proposed Storm Surge mapping.   Councillor Paul Bishop was able to videoed the presentation by Daniel which worth watching later when he has had a chance to post.

Please everyone needs to be involved as there are many aspects to the Plan.  This is about future development across the City.  We can’t fix the wrongs from the past scheme adopted in 2006 but we can ensure we plan for our future responsibly this time with a vision.

All information can be found on Councils web site    https://yoursay.redland.qld.gov.au/city-plan-2015

 Main concerns tonight were: 

                        – time span for mappingNov 15 Raby Bay meeting (6)

                      – a staged approach could have been taken in relation to the storm surge

                      – concerns with the way mapping is presented

                       – accuracy of mapping

                        – the measurement imposed by the State Gov.

                        – length of time for consultation 


All concerns can be lodged in a submission.  Now is the time to be heard so please be involved.