Commonwealth Lands on the block.

This mornings surprise news was to be found in the small print of last night’s budget.
The Federal Gov have chosen lands to sell and in the small print the Commonwealth Land at Birkdale had been selected to sell off as a 400 lot housing development.
Councillors were all appalled at this news as Council has been in negotiations for this land discussing Councils intent to the commonwealth for at least ten years . 
This land has heritage and cultural values and lends itself to a variety of community uses so to hear this news ….. after no discussions with Council was extremely frustrating and disappointing . 
The Mayor brought a Mayoral Minute to the General Meeting this morning so Council could enter into now urgent negotiations and to make clear Councils intentions for the land is Community purpose.
We also request that Andrew Laming supports Council requesting the Australian Gov to rescind its decision to divest the land in 2019-20 for 400 houses! 
There is also an online petition that I will share and ask that everyone please sign as toolset this environmentally significant land for our community would be a crime.
May 9, 2018, 4:08 PM