Efficiencies are important in town planning

Density in communities to hold proposed future population targets should be where there is existing infrastructure according to wise planning design.
Make efficient use of spare capacity in existing pipes is an example rather costs for new water pipes.
Also using existing transport corridors to save costs and in theory have workers/ commuters etc use the trains , buses rather drive thus keeping cars off the roads.
Makes perfect sense and I agree with these Planning and Design Principles.
My concern is – developers want to be able to make use of these principles to support their infill developments but also continue to expand urban sprawl, basically have their cake and eat it too.
Also, very importantly , respect and consideration has to be given to existing residents / communities and not all areas near existing infrastructure was previous designed to cope with higher than normal low residential density. 
Infrastructure upgrades are not keeping up with you this higher density development in many areas such as park equipment for the increase in families . 
There is more to be considered than just stacking and packing and existing residents should not be fearful of their treasured lifestyles being eroded or destroyed.
Updated Apr 10, 2019, 5:39 AM