SEQ Koala Conservation Strategy 2019-2024

On December 8th, the Queensland Government released the draft Koala Conservation Strategy for SE Queensland. I prepared the presentation below to inform you and to raise important issues presented by the strategy due to my concerns.

It would appear that with the proposed mapping, the protected environment area in Redlands has decreased. As the submission date for the mapping is December 22, I have concentrated only on the mapping to urgently raise your awareness. Please see the presentation below which I presented to the Koala Action Group last Sunday.

If you too feel that there needs to be more time given, please lodge a submission with the Minister for the Environment.

As requested, please see the following on where to lodge a submission of the draft SEQ Koala Habitat Map and draft SEQ Koala Conservation Strategy.
Submissions on the mapping can be made to by 20 December.
Submissions on the draft Koala Conservation Strategy can also be made to by 31 January 2020.
The Queensland Conservation Council and Environmental Defenders Office are also facilitating submissions on the draft SEQ Koala Conservation Strategy that closes 31 January 2020 – see link below.

Let’s be heard!