Our koalas need your help!

Cherish our Redlands lifestyle?
Passionate about Koalas?
…then be part of the solution and give the Koalas 10 minutes
Draft South East Queensland Koala Conservation Strategy 2019-2024 was released in December and has flaws
Tonight I attended a presentation in West End organised by the Queensland Conservation, Environmental Defenders Office and Wilderness Society.
I was very pleased and a little proud to see so many dedicated Redland folk attend..people were there from Ormiston, Wellington Point,Cleveland, Birkdale, Capalaba, Alex Hills and NSI all concerned with the above Strategy released in December.
You may remember my post from before Christmas encouraging people to make submissions , well there is still time and the koalas need YOU!
email your submission to:
I also encourage you to write to your State MP and write letters to the Bayside Bulletin to inform others and encourage more submissions.  
This is a call for action or the koala will become endangered and at the current rate disappear.
Points for the submissions:- (make it easy, simply cut and paste them into an email)
1.  The goal is to have  koala populations increase so we need to increase habitat areas to ensure their survival.  With the present strategy mapping, protected Koala habitat decreased in Redlands by approximately 9000 hectares.  We request the State  reinstate all habitat and rehabilitation areas currently  protected by Local and State mapping into the new State Strategy mapping.
2.  North Stradbroke Island be identified as a Koala Priority Area to ensure the strictest clearing controls apply to protect the Islands koala habitat and unique koala population.
3. Full details of exemptions where clearing can occur in the Koala Priority Area mapped are still not public.  There may be significant exemptions proposed to allow clearing for state infrastructure, priority development areas (TOONDAH HARBOUR)  etc.  Details of exemptions need to be transparent for public consultation before Strategy adopted.
4. Areas with protection removed through the PMAV – Property Map of Assessable Vegetation Applications need to be reviewed and verified in a transitional two year period.
We have a chance with this Strategy to make improvements, most importantly ensuring sufficient habitat is protected in the correct areas.  Redlands has a strong urban koala population yet our foreshore areas are not included in the mapping. 
The only way to ensure the State listens is to have sufficient submissions and letters pass through their offices. 
Please be one of those who will take 10 minutes to send an email with even simply a cut and paste of the above….stress the importance of the habitat.    Even after a horrific bush fire our native plants survive and regrow…after being covered in concrete the ground is lost forever. 
We need to ensure future developments are planned to include  environmental corridors, open space just be smarter as this also increases livability for we humans.
Without habitat nothing else matters so please make a difference and send an email.
After the presentations which were interesting and informative everyone divided into the areas they came from.  You can see from the photo there was a large group from Redlands plus there were people from Logan, Pine Rivers, Brisbane, Toowoomba and Moreton area.  the room was packed which is a sign people have had enough of our planning not delivering community outcomes and expectation and people want the environment to be valued…
go on, take ten minutes and forward that submission email and feel good that you were part of the solution.