Coronavirus Update for Redlands

Local Disaster Management Meeting
Today we had a meeting with Queensland Health and other services to discuss the safest way to support our community through this uncertain period.

The issue is there is no vaccine for this virus so it has reached pandemic status – which means it has sustained transmission across the Globe. Different from the flu which people have been previously exposed and there is a vaccine.
The virus was first reported 31-12-2019 and added to Australia Bio Security 21-01-2020.
01-02-2020 Border conditions were put in place.
Containment measures have slowed down the spread to “flatten the curve” and not have as many folk affected at the same peak time.
Symptoms are: –
• Shortness of breath
• Cough
• Sneezes
What to do: –
• Hand hygiene
• Use tissues
• Stay home if unwell – even with a sniffle
If you have to self-isolate for 14 make sure you have sufficient supplies.
There are plans and processes being put in place to support our community by Federal, State and local agencies such as the Australia Health Sector Emergency response plan for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
The at-risk groups: –
• Aged
• Co-morbidities
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
Redland has an aging population mainly in Cleveland, Victoria Point and our island communities and these vulnerable people are a priority.
Redlands has a fever clinic but only people who met the strict criteria for testing will be tested. The advice is if you don’t fit the criteria do not flood the hospital and possibly expose yourself to the virus also. All information is on the Queensland health web site.
Key Core messages are social isolation if feeling unwell and personal hygiene.
Over the coming weeks, there will constant media updates and messages from Queensland Health.

In regards to the economic impacts, there are Federal and State Support Packages and rapid response packs. The economic impact on our local businesses will be felt by many of our local families so Council economic development officers will be available to assist advising them of grants etc.
The virus will affect Redlands but all agencies under the guidance of Queensland health will do all that is possible to contain the effects.