Draft Corporate Plan and what does it mean to you?


Draft Corporate Plan – you only have a few days left to be heard!


What does it mean to you and our Redlands future? 


I am encouraging  YOU to simply think about what is your Vision for Redlands and write to council and express your views – if you don’t take the time then the 20-year Vision for your Redlands will be decided by others.

What does the post you did on Facebook recently about a draft plan mean Wendy?

I was recently asked this question so I visited the residents and over a cuppa discussed the proposed changes. I then thought I would do another post as the residents were very concerned they hadn’t understood the importance of the changes – I wondered and am concerned how may others also would like to have their say included.

The biggest change is that this draft is actually your Vision being written!

Point 1:- Our Redlands Community Plan

Community Plan

• Written 2010 after consultation with >3000 Redlands Residents
• Was a legislative requirement for local councils to have a Community Plan – Redlands actually won the State award for ours.
• 2012 under Campbell Newman no further requirement to have a community plan as the legislation was changed.
• Redlands Community Plan however remained in Redlands City Council as the people’s plan and Vision and continued until now as Council’s overarching document .

Point 2 – Redland City Council’s Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan.

  • Presently a 5-year internal document for operational and budget funding direction – prioritises projects
  • Had to align with the peoples plan, the Community Plan
  • Strategies and Policies feed into the Corporate Plan

Point 3 – Councillors have decided not to continue with the Community Plan but are proposing to now only have the Corporate Plan as a 5-year operational document and a 20-year Vision document.


If you would like to have your views and opinions included in the preparation work for our City’s Vision you can make a submission.  This isn’t as daunting as it would seem.  Simply write you Council inlcuding your full name and address and your views.

To assist and only as examples, in my opinion only, an example of points to consider may be but not restricted to: –

1. Do you agree with Redlands Community Plan no longer existing?

Yes…..then leave as is or
No…..then an option would be to “review the Community Plan to update the people’s plan and continue to have the revised Community Plan as Council’s overarching document”. 

If you would like to retain a Community Plan this would be a point for your submission.


2. Are the projects listed under the various titles what you consider to be the priority of the City? Will achieve the Redlands you want in the future?

It is hard to understand what each of the projects actually covers so perhaps simply write down YOUR Redlands Vision and what activities or projects would be required to achieve this outcome.

Examples might be :-

Say, you are an artist and would like to see a larger art gallery where classes, demonstrations, training, events could be held.  This could be incorporated into the Redlands Performing Art Centre so perhaps you could see a Vision around this area. This project would strengthen the community as the benefits of art are well documented and would be a great asset in a COVID Recovery phase.  Also it would revitalise Cleveland .

Perhaps you really cherish the Villages of Redlands so under place making you could include not only the revamp of Capalaba and Cleveland as the City’s larger centres but also designing and planning for our Villages such as Redland Bay, Stradbroke, Wellington Point, Birkdale. This would be also be a constructive COVID response for our local economy and employment.


Is the environment your passion? What is your Vision then for Redlands – wildlife connection corridors for safe passage, coastal protection, Koala Sanctuary, solar, water conservation, the quality of our Bay…think what your Vision is and how it could be achieved and write that in your submission.

Social issues should also be included in our City Vision – how do we strengthen our community and increase inclusiveness – the aged,
the young, the lesser ability, the alone….What is your suggestion to strengthen our community?

Access to the Bay is always a talking point – do you think the draft addresses this for your water sport – kayaks, boats, swimming. What would you like to see and is it included in the draft – you can write your Vision in your submission. I’m sure some fishing people I  know would like to see a groyne at Wellington Point ramp for safer all weather access – projects such as this can be included in your Vision and your submission.

Sportie? An extensive pathway and cycleway network might be in your Vision – they certainly were used during COVID restrictions. Are there sufficient fields or courts for your sport? Basketball? Netball? Cricket? If not, place that in your submission.

Over development always seems a concern of residents and the last survey was very strong on this issue. What is your Vision in this area and how could it be achieved? A review of sections of the planning scheme with transparent community engagement perhaps could be your suggestion if this is your concern.

Simply think about what is your Vision and write to council and express your views – if you don’t take the time then the 20-year Vision for your Redlands will be decided by others.

Remember all submission have to have your name and address included and be in Council by the 11th November!

No need to write a novel –  dot points are fine.

Thank you for taking the time…please make sure we hear your voice on what your Vision for Redlands encompasses.