Changes to Council dogs law..

Have your say on proposed new changes to dog areas throughout Redlands…so when your little one asks to go play with her ball you know where you can have some fun….
At the Council General Meeting on the 4th November Councillors voted to commence community consultation in regards to a potential amendment to Local Law No.2 (Animal Management)  Register – Animals in Public Places.
Council has been listening to various requests regarding dog areas for a number of years so after receiving a petition regarding relaxation of the restrictions on dogs at Wellington Point Reserve it was decided to commence a review City wide.
The review did identify some areas where restrictions may be relaxed thought it should be noted that dogs remain prohibited in bathing reserves and within 10 meters of recreation equipment in public areas ie playgrounds- this restriction is City wide.
This review has been completed by staff from our Compliance Services and Governance Departments and now has entered into the public consultation stage so please use the link below to Council’s web site and have your views and opinions noted.
Changes in Division 1 Wellington Point/Ormiston :-
Wellington Point Reserve ;-  it has been proposed to remove the prohibition in the picnic area so that dogs can be at the Point at any time however MUST BE ON A LEAD.     Dogs will not be allowed in the bathing reserve or near the playground and while walking to King Island dogs must remain on a lead.
Empire Point Vista, Ormiston – the area out to the bird roosting site has also been included as an area where dogs are proposed to be  prohibited. 
 All details of proposed changes and maps of the areas can be found on the link below so please have a look at your area and make a submission if you have a view or a concern before closure of the consultation on the 6th December 2020.   
Councillors should always  hear your feedback before voting so please take 10 minutes and have a look.