The Person Before Politics

Having had the honour of representing our community for 12 years, I am more closely bound to my convictions and more passionate than ever about our Redlands community and our future. Each year, working with the community, increases my energy to continue my work ethics of giving 100% and then more, to deliver real outcomes for local residents.

I thank my parents for this stubbornness, drive, conviction and strength to stand for what is right.

I was born in 1961 and adopted by Ron and Joan Kendall with my first home being in Winton where my father Ron Kendall was the Commonwealth Bank manager.  Just after starting school we moved to Beaudesert where both Mum and Dad were soon involved in the local Lions Club, Sporting Clubs, Hospital Auxiliary and church committees.  I remember several church drives for various charities, working at the hospital canteen and fund raising for the Lions Club.

Our family moved to Morningside while I was in year 11 and on leaving school I also joined the Commonwealth Bank where I worked in City and suburban branches until the birth of my first child.

Both Mum and Dad grew up on farms in the Bundaberg region, so my brother Ian and I were fortunate to have childhood holidays on the farms.  Their love and protectiveness of the land was instilled in us.  The red soil of the Redlands, as in Bundy, was therefore an obvious place for them to retire (in Cleveland) and my young family soon followed for those cool sea breezes.

I have called Redlands home now for the 30 years and currently enjoy life with my family at Wellington Point. My three boys were born and raised in Redlands and had the most marvellous childhood. They roamed the mangroves, fished, swam, went bush walking, were involved with various sports and basically had all sorts of outdoor adventures.

My role as a Councillor is a natural extension of my long-term involvement in the community as my family and I were woven into the fabric of Redlands life, including various sporting groups, schools, churches, clubs, etc, as well as charity work.

Before I entered public life, my family owned and operated the Ormiston Foodstore in Wellington Street, which gave me an early awareness and appreciation of the hard work and determination shown by small business owners.  It also gave me the opportunity to meet many locals and come to understand not only their concerns but what they value in our area.

Elected in 2008, my immediate goal was to identify the needs and aspirations of all my local community groups, with a view to spearheading a number of community campaigns to deliver real outcomes. Looking back, I feel immensely proud of the numerous successes that have been achieved by this collaborate approach.

I am a firm believer in lifelong learning hence I have undertaken further studies to increase my knowledge of corporate governance and assist in my role as a community representative.

I have completed: -

  • Diploma of Company Directorship,
  • Cert IV in Workplace Health & Safety,
  • Certificate IV in Training
  • Assessment, Diploma of Project Management Diploma and
  • at present I am currently completing the Local Government Diploma.

My goals continue to be to work with the community to protect what we love in our Redlands, while achieving a way forward with:

  • An optimal balance between our treasured environment with the required local economic growth and employment;
  • The preservation of our highly valued, unique Bayside lifestyle and village atmosphere through planned, responsible development
  • The protection for future generations of remaining heritage and cultural sites, to remind us of our past and to respect our ancestors.
  • An effective Council that delivers necessary services efficiently.

Since 2008 my key platforms as an independent community advocate are:

  • Accountability,
  • Transparency,
  • Consultation and
  • Empowerment of the Community

Redland City is my home now and hopefully forever.

I am dedicated to our community, our lifestyle, our environment, our local businesses and our future and I welcome you to always have your thoughts, concerns or ideas heard, so please feel free to contact me.

Open, honest communications with known, strong, reliable, knowledgeable representation builds stronger communities and achieve the future we, as a community, desire.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards,

Councillor Wendy Boglary